One Fine Hippie Day

A week ago, one fine beautiful Saturday, we attended a the wedding of the Mister’s nephew’s wedding on the west coast of Norway, Stavanger.

Andreas and Irene is one easy going-cool-happy-sweet couple. The ceremony took place at Sola Ruinkirke (Sola Ruin Church) in Stavanger. A stone church built in the early 1100’s with a history for around 900 years that was fully renovated around 1992-1995.

That day was perfect. Sunny clear blue sky warm weather, gorgeous hip guests, beautiful solemn ceremony and a very relaxed wedding reception.

It was that one kind of wedding with no fuss, no worries and no formalities. There were no sparkly diamonds and no fancy cars. Everybody walked from the church (which is not far) to the hotel were the reception continued.

The couple radiates good vibes that reflects to their friends and family. Everybody had a good time with big smiles on their faces. We all breathe easy, sat back on our chairs and enjoyed the dinner. The men took off their suit jackets and their ties and some ladies were walking around without their high heeled shoes on.

I love seeing Irene walking around with her long flower crowned blond flowing hair, her veil hanging behind and doesn’t care much if people step on her beautiful wedding dress during the party. Andreas keeping it cool and looking dapper with his perfectly trimmed beard, smooth shaven head, sunglasses and a glass of beer in one hand hanging around his mates.




Irene was not so happy about how the florist made her bouquet, so she deconstructed and redesigned it herself.



One of the highlights of the day was Andreas’ speech for his beautiful wife. He made it on a powerpoint presentation, took out the projector and had cue cards on his hands so he won’t forget a thing. He told their story how it all started with a “like” on one of his pictures on facebook and the rest was history. I mean, this guy can seriously make a bad-ass funny presentation. It made the women giggle and the men growl with laughter.

And of course, uncle-in-law Sugarboy made the cake.


I baked the 4 cake tiers in Oslo and drove it for 8 hours to the west coast with no problems at all. Although as I was sitting in the car, all that’s on my mind was how the cake was. We stopped every once in a while to check and it was perfectly fine.

It was decorated and finished the day before the wedding and the sugar flowers were set on location (inside the kitchen) during a break from the dinner.


It was a perfect day for this beautiful couple.

It doesn’t get any hippie-r than this!

And if we (me and the mister) renew our vows on our 10 year wedding anniversary (about 3 years), I’d like to have a party like this one too. Oh! And I’d definitely have a flower crown too. Just sayin’.




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