Tropical Vibes

The weather in Oslo is getting warmer. It’s getting close to the summer. The past few days the air around is a bit humid. One day it’s really sunny and the next it’s drizzling with rain and it’s almost like being in a tropical country.

And ever since then I have been obsessing tropical theme. From designing cakes, making crafts, watercolour paintings, graphic designs and just about anything tropical inspired.

Oh and flamingos. I’m obsessed with them too lately. Because they’re so tropical and they’re pink.

This January when we went to Boracay island in the Philippines, I took some pictures of plants and trees. And as I looked through them, I saw how perfect they are with this gallery of photographs that I’m sharing. Here are a few of them…

Below are pictures of a cake I designed with this theme with a few detailed shots.


3 tiered cake with palm leaves pattered printed sugar sheet, sugar monstera leaves and small blossoms in blush pink.


The pink flamingo is molded out of sugar paste with edible wafer paper wings and tail feathers. Standing tall and statuesque on top of the cake.


And lastly , sugar orchids. It can not be more tropical than that, right?


This is just the first part of my tropical addiction. I’m sure I will be posting a lot more. It is after all, just the beginning of the summer season.

It’s bright and sunny, I hear birds chirping and it’s beautiful outside. I’m guessing it’s gonna be a beautiful day.



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