French Rose Meringues

I have been looking very much forward to spring ever since the month of April came. I was already posting spring-y things on my Instagram and very excited about it.

But then as this week started, we woke up on a snowy Monday morning. And Tuesday. It only lasted for 2 days though. And then the snow all melted again very quick. Norway is known for crazy weathers like that. You can never be sure how the weather will be. One day it’s sunny and nice, and then cold and gloomy the next.

To cheer me up, I made some meringues. Flavoured with rose syrup I ordered from Paris, this billowy sweet treat is perfect to end a dinner as a dessert or just if you feel like having anything sweet (which in my case, almost every time) together with a cup of nice warm tea.

It reminds me of a an english rose garden (No, I haven’t been to any english rose garden. But I reckon that it would be an experience like that. Don’t burst my bubble. hahaha)

That subtle hint of rose flavour, that pale blush rose pink colour, the glimmering edible 24k gold dust and the dried fragrant rose petals…

I would imagine Marie Antoinette eating these while shopping for shoes or ribbons for her hair.

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French Rose Meringue


80g egg whites (2 eggs*)

120g plain white sugar

1-2 drops rose syrup/extract (taste test first before adding*)

– Preheat the oven to 70*C (fan forced)

– Whip the egg whites using a kitchen mixer to medium speed to soft peak.

– Gradually add the sugar (one spoonful at a time).

– Add the rose syrup/extract.

– Continue whisking on high until the meringue looks shiny and stiff.

– Add a drop of pink (or any preferred) paste food colour and whisk until all the meringue is coloured. Some of my meringues had streaks of pink in them. It was from the remaining paste food colour that was not incorporated well to the meringue. I think it made it prettier.

– Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a plain or french piping tip. Pipe the meringue to desired shapes and sizes using a piping bag on a parchment paper lined baking tray. Sometimes I like to just scoop a dollop of the meringue with the spoon and plop it on the baking tray. it makes a rustic look that’s also pretty on a plate or decor on a cake.

– Bake in the preheated oven for about 2 hours or more. Depending on the size of the piped meringue, the baking drying time can vary from 2 hours to overnight. ***


*Eggs – I used pasteurised egg whites. It is easier to weigh and I don’t need to throw away egg yolks. Although I can use them for other baking things too. Like crème pâtissière.

*Flavouring – If using floral extracts/syrup, I recommend adding a little at a time. A drop (or even half) of a strong floral syrup like what I use is enough to flavour a whole batch of these meringues. You don’t want your meringues to taste like perfume.

*Flavouring – I also like to use a simple vanilla paste for classic flavour. Otherwise any extracts, syrup or edible essential oils can also be used.

*** Remember: DO NOT open the oven door while baking/drying. Humidity can destroy the meringues while baking and it may collapse. I know it is very tempting to check after a while, but control yourself and just wait. It’s better to be patient than make a new batch again. 🙂

If you’ve tried this recipe, please post a picture and use the hashtag #sugarboyed or tag me so I can checkout and see.




One thought on “French Rose Meringues

  1. Har sett dig i stora tårtslaget (jag vet, jättegammalt) och ville bara säga att du är en fantastisk person på alla sätt och vis. Önskar dig all lycka på alla sätt🌹


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