Start of a well deserved break

So we have decided to start this year with a relaxing time at the beach.

Our initial plans last year were all changed after everything that happened last December. With my mom having an injury that made her underwent surgery (among other things), we were a little hesitant to leave. But since we saw that she is recovering fast (she can now walk again with minimal help), we decided to go on with our plan.

We ended up in Boracay (again). A popular (and sadly a little overrated; more story about that on another post) island here in the Philippines. Because the other islands that we wanted to visit were already fully booked on the dates that we wanted to travel.

And yesterday, after a somewhat long and gruelling trip from Manila with some slight flight delays and long (very) crowded transfers from port to port, we arrived safely in our hotel.

The first thing I did, took of my clothes, put on my swim shorts and just lay down on the beach.



Ordered a nice cold bottle of beer and ate some local street food.




Grilled pork barbecue on sticks, chicken intestines (yes, intestines!)  and longganisa (Filipino sweet and spiced sausage).

I took a really deep breath and let everything out in a big sigh. My body relaxed and my mind went empty. I think it’s quite alright to start the year like this. This is our well deserved break before reality kicks in again.

We’re soon heading to the hotel restaurant to have breakfast. And after that, our plans? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.




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