Here’s to New Beginnings!!!

As this year 2016 ends, I am leaving behind a lot of things that happened. Both positive and negatives. From a few new projects in the beginning of the year to quite a few experiences that was a little hard to chew and swallow.

The last quarter of this year was not a very good one, as everybody around the world experienced. There may be a few lucky ones, but not all.

I, for one, had my fair share. From passing of a very dear family member, broken trusts and friendships, an experience that made me realise about second chances in life, family matters, and importance of taking extra good care of yourself.

There are also positive things that crossed my path in 2016. A lot, actually. And I have listed them down as big blessings and counted them not just twice, but many times. And I am very thankful for it.

I am sitting here inside my bedroom, in Manila (Philippines), New Year’s Eve, writing this. And I thought about what are my wishes and resolutions that I will promise myself when the clock strikes 12 midnight (in about 1.5 hours).

Nothing. I don’t have any resolutions, or wishes, or promises. These are things that I would just break in the long run. I’ve had a lot of chances before that I threw (some of them) away. Opportunities came and they were ignored. Unanswered emails, designs that was not executed, ideas that were forgotten. These are the few things that I promised myself that I will take care of.  But I managed to break hem and taken for granted.

Instead, this coming 2017, I would let the things flow through. But I will make sure that I will be thinking of myself more. Which I haven’t done much this year. I have been a little bit extra nice that I have forgotten how to look after myself. So that is the first on my list this year. 1. Think about yourself, Sugarboy. 


I have chosen to post this particular picture on the last day of the year 2016. Because I want to tell myself, to tell the world that this is going to be the last time that I am not gonna be smiling. I’m leaving the past behind and think about the future.

As the clock strikes 12, I am gonna be a whole new ME. A big smile will be painted in my face. A smile from ear to ear. A smile that nothing can change and take away from me.

I bet 2017 will be a blast for me. A year of positivity, creativity, smiles, love and laughter.

So… Here’s to NEW BEGINNINGS!!! Let’s do this! Bring it on!

Happy New Year!!!



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