The “New” Grand Café, Grand Hotel Oslo

For not so long ago, the Grand Café, Grand Hotel Oslo opened again after a year of renovation. It was sad when they decided to close last year, after 140 years of service. A lot of people were disappointed. Including me and the Mister. Because it is one of our favourite cafés in Oslo. This was one article written by about the closing last year.

I remember the first time I went in to Grand Café more than 10 years ago. I fell in love with the interior, the food and the service.

And as a (our own) “tradition”, we had our Sunday brunches, afternoon tea/coffee and the occasional dinners at the café since then. The Sunday Jazz Brunch was the best. With a buffet of very wide array of warm food, sandwiches and desserts while being serenaded by a jazz band. The ambience was different from any other cafés in Oslo. It was like stepping back in time.

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Yesterday, the Mister and I decided to try the “New” Grand Café. As we went in I was surprised how beautiful it is. It was an unexpected modern interior and cozy atmosphere. I liked it very much. I was happy to see that they kept the historic murals by Per Krohg. I liked how they kept (much like) the colour of the old café. Almost like a burgundy/wine red colour.

The menu choice was not as wide as before. Which offers more “fancy” modern food. But for me, it was a little bit pricey for the portion of the dishes. It was very good and tasty, I have to say. I ordered the duck breast with beets and risotto. Being asian, I need my rice and for me the risotto was a very small portion. But as I said, it was good and very very tasty. I got full at the end of the meal ( I also ordered an extra bread 😉 ).

I had the cheese plate after the main course and the Mister had the chocolate dessert with sour cream ice cream. Yes, sour cream ice cream. At first, we were a little sceptic but it was delicious. The cheese plate that I ordered was a very small portion. It had like 3 choices of cheese, one was a brie (which is just an ordinary cheese)  and the other two, I cant remember. Served with three thin slices of gluten free bread with nuts and dried fruits, and a small bowl of fig jam. Again, it was good. I really enjoyed it but it could’ve been a little bigger portion and a better cheese choices. But the service was exquisite. Very polite waiters and waitresses. Well groomed and always smiling.

It’s good that Grand Café is open again. As they say on their website, “Beginning of a New Era”, I think after a week (or so) that they have opened, they still have some to improve. This is a beginning of a new era for them. People will still have to adapt to the new café/restaurant and the menu.

I liked the “new” one very much but I love the old Grand Café. The atmosphere is just different at the old restaurant. I missed the homey feeling. The comfort without being too stiff. I missed the Sunday Jazz Brunch. And I missed their Moules Frites. But then again, maybe because I am just an old soul (sometimes:) ).

Below are some pictures I have taken of the interior with my phone.

*Click on the first picture to start a slideshow and see a bigger image.

It was a new dining experience for us. To experience the “New” Grand Café. And we are glad that they are open again. It was a nice brunch and we did enjoy it.

We will definitely come back again. Maybe not very soon, but we will.

P.S.- This is not an official review of the café/restaurant. I am just sharing my experience and what I feel about it. 🙂





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