Chocolate is the best medicine

Been quite a while since I posted something here. I haven’t had the time and energy to write a blog post because of things that happened lately. There we so many things that I could’ve written and shared. But now I’m back.

Let me tell you a story.

I have been “sick” the past weeks. First, a couple (or so) weeks ago, I had an accident at work and got injured. My 2 fingers on my right hand was squeezed between a metal door frame and a metal trolley. It was really painful and I cried a lot. I thought my fingers were broken. But good thing they were not. I was so scared because I use my hand a lot. These are the most precious part of my body. These are the ones that I use the most. The ones that I use to make a living. I couldn’t imagine how it will be if I break my fingers. But they’re better now. Thank God.

After that, for a few days, I felt like my I’m being attacked again by my “spring/summer” sickness. I usually get gout by early summer. My right foot gets swollen because of high uric acid count. But since the last time I had a check up, my uric acid was normal and I didn’t have it this past spring/summer. So I thought that I am having it now. I had days when my right leg and foot was painful during and after the day. But after 2 weeks it was back to normal. I feel the pain from time to time but not as bad as before.

And then there’s this week. Since last Friday, my both eyes were itchy. I thought it was just an allergy of some sort. And then yesterday (Monday), I woke up with an intense pain in my eye and I could barely open my left eye. Turns out I got an eye infection. Called work to tell them I can’t go and I have to stay home. The whole day I was suffering from itchy, teary, painful eye, headache and nausea. I went to the doctor and got medicine which helped a lot.

I mean, what are the odds that I got this ” sickness’ ” in just a short time. Am I not being careful with my body? I just had my birthday a few weeks ago, and thought to myself, is this a sign of getting old?

Or is just the way my body telling me to make some DRAMA?


Anyway, yesterday while I was at the lounge of the doctor’s clinic, all I was thinking of was CHOCOLATE! I had this sudden, almost extreme craving for chocolate. I was thinking what is easy to make to satisfy my cravings. I wanted something really delicious, decadent, dark.  I thought of passing by the grocery to buy a chocolate muffin, but no! Those commercial made ones surely would’t satisfy me. So I went back home, rummaged thru my recipes and found my favourite chocolate cake recipe.

And since I was not feeling good yesterday, I had to wait until today to bake the cake.

So this is what I made.


A decadent four layered Chocolate Cake. With fluffy meringue frosting sandwiched between layers of dark chocolate sponge. Frosted with a dark chocolate ganache. And topped with a mound of soft billowy meringue dusted with 100% pure poudre de cacao from Valrhona.


I made myself a nice hot cup of tea, sliced a big wedge of cake, sat on the sofa and enjoyed every bite.




While having tea, I also enjoyed looking through some books. The photographs from these books gave me so much inspiration.




And this bunch of pink and blush fresh hydrangeas made me smile.


What can I say? This chocolate helped me a lot to be better. The comfort it gave me was like an instant relief from all the pain I had.


I am sharing the recipe for this cake on the next few blogposts. So watch out.





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