Rainbow Sprinkles and a Unicorn

Yesterday, I delivered a cake that was ordered for a 1 year old birthday party for a little girl. I was contacted by her mother thru my instagram and facebook page. We chatted and exchanged email a little bit before we agreed with what she wanted. 

As usual, when I take cake orders, I usually ask them what they wish for and if I can have the freedom to design the cake. She told me she wants it to be minimalist and simple yet pretty. And to include the little girl’s name. 

So this is what I came up with. 

A 6 inch marbled pink double barrel cake. With a sugar cookie unicorn/rocking horse topper. And rainbow sprinkled star sugar cookies. I added some paster coloured banner to add a little more whimsy and a little “carnival/carousel” appeal. 

It was a first time for me to use a cookie topper. An hour before the delivery, as I was setting up the rocking horse cookie on top of the cake, it started to crack because it was quite heavy. Even though I used 2 paper sticks/lollipop sticks to support the weight of the cookie, it didn’t work well. 

I had to think fast and I got the idea to “glue” 2 paper straws at the back. They are larger than what I used first so I thought that it would help. So I quickly made a caramel from sugar and water and used it to stick the straws at the back. You can see the pink stripes at the hind legs of the unicorn. It worked well. 👍🏼🤗

Lesson learned, next time I need to experiment and try before using a design element on a cake that I haven’t done before. 

I managed to fix it and we managed to deliver it on time. We were actually 20 minutes early. 

These two pictures below are taken by the mom from the party. 

It looked really pretty on her table. And I’m sure they had so much fun with little baby Frøya’s first birthday party. 

And it feels nice that in some small way, I (my cakes) get to be a part of very special and important occassions like this. 



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