Last Days of Summer (Part 1)

A few more days and we’re almost in the middle of the month of August. Oslo weather is very unpredictable now. One day it rains and the next is sunny.

Just yesterday I was on my way to work, I looked outside the window and saw that it was raining. I’ve put on my rain boots and rain coat, and believe it or not I brought a rucksack (which I very very seldom use, unless going to the gym) with me because I thought it might be easier to carry. Equipped with a big umbrella, I went outside telling myself that I would enjoy the short walk to the train station. Feel the cool breeze on my face while listening to music.

Halfway to the station and it poured like H*LL. 😖😖😖 I tried to walk faster and I got more wet. I glanced behind me and I saw my bag was wet from the drips of my umbrella. My eyeglasses was wet. My perfectly groomed hair was dripping with a mix of hair wax and rain water. I can’t do anything but to let it be.

I reached the station. Waited for the train that came after 2 minutes. I went inside. Sat down. Looked outside the window. And it was SUNNY!!!

PERFECT (insert sarcasm here…) !!!

If there’s one thing that is “crazy” about Norway, it’s definitely the weather. Every Norwegian and everybody living here knows that. I mean I can go on and on and on talking about it, but it needs another blogpost. It will take me forever to talk about the weather “experiences” I had. I swear!

Anyways, the fall season is peaking just around the corner. The last days of summer is here. Cool crisp morning breeze, layers of light clothing, scarves, hot chocolate, warm steamy homemade soup. These are some of the things I’m looking forward to the coming fall. I just think that it came too early this year. I still have some plans of grilling, chilling in the park and taking long walks without too much warm clothes.

This afternoon when I came home from work, I had to settle down and relax a little bit before doing anything else. And nothing better than a cup (or a pot) of warm tea. After drinking 5-6 espresso shots at work, I couldn’t drink more coffee the rest of the day so I drink tea instead.


I had some blueberries for snacks since we were having dinner afterwards. I sat down for a good 10 minutes, turned off the sound on my phone and everything that could distract me and enjoyed my tea. And reflected on things. The things I have done and experienced the whole day, my plans for the coming evening and my plans for the next day.




Today we had a rainy afternoon in Oslo. The day started with cloudy skies but it started raining in the afternoon. It was not as rainy as yesterday though, so it was ok. And I even got the chance to use my cashmere scarf that I bought in Stockholm last month.

I still have some mixed feelings with the chilly days that is about to come. But we just have to take it as it is.

Hope you had a nice day.



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