Sunday Brunch

Although I have adopted myself to the Norwegian way of living, I still can not forget where I came from. 

Being born and raised in Manila, sometimes I long for the culture and traditions that I have grown to love and enjoyed. And food is definitely not an exception. 

In the Philippines we are used of eating heavy meals 3 times a day. And I remember during the weekend when our parents would wake us up to have breakfast. If ever we had extra rice from the night before (we always did 🤗), my father would make it into rice porridge, or fried rice in the morning. Served with fried eggs, Filipino sweet sausages, fried dried fish or fried ham. Whichever is available from the fridge. With a hot cup of coffee. And we’d all sit together around the dining table enjoying our breakfast. Chatting and having a good laugh.

Yesterday, I decided to make a typical Filipino breakfast/brunch. It’s a Sunday and it was a little gloomy. It was a perfect day for a good hearty meal and just reminisce the days. 

I made some garlic fried rice. Topped with fried egg. 

Some fried dried anchovies and dried squid. These are very typical in Asia. They can be eaten as snacks or with rice. And they’re quite salty, so a spicy vinegar is a perfect dipping “sauce”. It balances the saltiness. 

Nowadays it very easy to find them here. Almost all Asian shops have them and they’re cheap. 

I also made a side dish. It’s a mix of chopped green mango and tomatoes with shrimp paste that we call “bagoong”. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s some sort of fermented tiny little shrimps with fish sauce. The salt was balanced by the sourness of the green mango. 

I bought my green mango a few days before and I almost forgot it so it ripened a little bit. That’s why on the picture it’s yellow. But this kind of mango was still a tad sour.  

And of course, because I am Sugarboy Ed, I must add a little glamour to my meal. So I used my beautiful golden spoon and fork. And a golden striped bowl. 

By golly how much I enjoyed this meal. One bowl of rice was not enough, so I had to 3 servings. Yes! 3! And another fried egg. It was a really good hearty meal. It was perfect. 🤗

After brunch, I fell asleep on the couch. Woke up. Watched a movie. And just chilled. 

A nice lazy Sunday. Just how we did when we were young(er). 😜



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