Torn Between Two Cities.

My 2 weeks of summer holiday is starting soon. And I have a little dilemma. I am torn between 2 cities that I want to visit.

The mister and I was supposed to spend 2 weeks of holiday this summer and then 3 weeks in winter. But because of some unavoidable work stuff, we cannot do it. So this year we’re taking separate holidays.

Just the other day, I sat down in front of the computer and all of sudden I ended up checking tickets and hotel prices in Italy. We have been to Rimini last year and I am thinking of going there alone for a few days when my holiday starts.

But, since we only have a weekend to spend together before he goes back to work, we talked about going to Gothenburg, Sweden.

Here’s the situation…

If I travel (first time) alone in Italy, I would spend quite a lot just for the travel alone. I do not have any plans of doing (a lot) of shopping, but mostly spending time alone. Looking around, take beautiful photographs of the city I fell in love with, sketch, draw, read a book, write, chill out, sit on the beach and relax.

And this are the places that I get to see again.

These are photographs I took last year.






If I decide to spend the weekend in Sweden with the Mister, then it will be a lot cheaper and we’ll spend time together, relaxing, even just for a weekend.

We have been to Gothenburg a couple of times for a day trip before but we haven’t really had the chance to explore the city.

This is what we’ll see…


It will be way cheaper for me and I get to save for the winter trip. And then use my 2 weeks of holiday using my time for some things that I am planning to do at home (fixing and redecorating our guest room and turn it into functional home office/bedroom). Go around Oslo, to relax, probably go to a beach, sit in a café, read, sketch, draw, read a book and just chill out. Be a tourist in my own city.

But then again, I want to eat pasta, drink Italian coffee, eat Italian dessert made by real Italians. Look at Italian people. And have an adventure alone in Italy. I remember the last time I tried to have an adventure alone in Bologna, Italy when we were there, I got lost in the city. But that’s another story to tell.

If I spend a weekend with the Mister in Sweden, then we’ll be together on a trip. And it’s cheaper.

But we’re always together, so a few days alone far from each other wouldn’t hurt.

Ugh! I don’t know. I’m really really tempted to just buy the plane ticket and reserve a hotel room in Italy. I really don’t know what to do right now. I AM torn between two cities.

We’ll see how it turns out. Good luck to me.



One thought on “Torn Between Two Cities.

  1. Oh em gee you would be my perfect traveling companion (besides that I am wild about this country, 3 times a year makes me an honorary citizen by now)! You just listed the stuff I love to do myself! The only thing is I walk till I get a kalyo hehe and I love to get lost and bewildered and find unexpected places combined with frantic and meticulous planning. I guess I am a schizo in that term hahaha.

    Love your pictures ❤ Just pops out of the screen!


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