Strawberries in Summer

Summer in Norway is beautiful. Warm days when the sun is up. The cool gentle breeze when the evening sun is about to set. The crisp cool mornings when the sun is about to rise very early.

It’s just a shame that sometimes it doesn’t last very long. That’s why we make the most of it when the sun is up. Spring and summer is the best! Those are my two favourite seasons.

One thing that I am looking very much forward to is the Norwegian strawberry season. As everyone knows they are the BEST. I don’t know how the strawberry people make (plant) and take care of them. But they are reeeeeaaaaallllyyyyy goooood!!! Probably when the strawberry gods scattered seeds on earth the Norwegian strawberry peeps collected all the good ones. I don’t know.

When the season starts, prices are really crazy expensive. I buy a box or two just to enjoy them right away. But, when they are in mid season, they’re at their best-est best. When they are most plump, juicy and sweet.

And the prices are cheaper.


Then that’s the time I buy crates of them.


Someone also loves the smell of fresh strawberries. 🙂


I wash, clean and rinse them with cold water and prepare for freezing. I use them for cakes and baking (when I make my own jams or coulis), cooking, desserts, smoothies and of course daiquiri.


Ok, I said I do the cleaning and washing etc. etc.

But this time I asked the mister to do it for me. At first he was hesitant because it’s a lot of strawberries to clean and slice. But I kind’da tricked him a bit. I said he’ll be the strawberry “model”.  He said yes. But he didn’t know I just took a picture of his hand.


But he was actually good at it.


Anyways, time for me to take out the cream and steal some strawberries from him.



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