What Would Sugarboy Do?

First Entry1

So I have decided to make and design a new website. I felt that the previous one was a little forgotten and taken for granted. I was too lazy and uninspired to update the blog. I made promises that I couldn’t handle and fulfil. I was in a period where nothing matters and I thought that maybe if I just let things be, it will work out on their own.

I’m trying my best to turn things around. I couldn’t stay like this always.

First Entry2

So I asked myself one day. What would I do? What should I do?

What would Sugarboy do?

First Entry4

I thought of things that matters most in my life right now. My cake business, my lifestyle, my hobbies, my friends, my family, my cat and the mister.

Being lazy doesn’t put me out there. Being lazy will not do me any good.

I have plans. Bake more, blog more, share recipes, be more creative, share my creative ideas a share what’s happening to my fun and crazy days.

And I am not gonna be the same lazy #*%ss person like before.

First Entry5

I told myself this: “Sugarboy, MAKE IT HAPPEN TODAY!!!”

I am not making any promises this time. But I am going to prove it.

First Entry6

Join me in this new journey. Let’s bake, be creative, laugh, smile and just have fun.

Come take my hand, and we’re off to sweet sugar wonderland.




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